Wilt Nelson

I work (and love my work) above and below the water. When I can’t dive I paint, and when I can’t paint I dive. The studio for painting is my back porch, for UW photography it is anywhere in the world. At 88 I am perhaps the oldest active scuba diver in the world but certainly not in the painting area. The two photos included are from a recent trip to Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Artistic venues have included sculpture, art glass, oils, acrylic and watercolors. Presently acrylics on canvas is the favored method. After enlisting in the Army Air Corps I used my eligibility to get a bachelor of science degree in Civil Engineering.. There never were any formal art classes, but I have been creative all my life. I do not paint to earn a living or make money. Competing with accomplished and art educated painters is a great help in developing my art.

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Leesburg, Florida